I started getting a ticking noise in my engine.

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I started getting a ticking noise in my engine, Sounded like it was coming from the camshaft area. I let my oil level drop, got immediate oil change went from a loud grindy noise to a steady tick ( not overly bad) but still, I did not like it. People said sounded like Camshaft or lifter, etc. I was driving home(no check engine light on at all) Car went quiet, RPM's struggling to rise ( my car usually has no problem hitting 5-6 thousand rpms instantly and opening up, I couldnt get past 2000) Automatic V6 aftermarket cold air, throttle body spacer, chipped and dual exaust. So it was struggling for power, slowed down for a red light. Car stalled. Turned it over, started went again, stalled again almost instantly, wouldnt turn over(brand new battery, so I think thats not an option. Had power inside of car and everything as well). So im pretty curious what you guys think! Thanks for your time,

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 AT 5:42 AM

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The fact it was that low in oil, you may have damaged the motor internally.

Start with manual oil pressure check.

Check fuel pressure and back pressure from cat converter


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Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 AT 10:14 AM

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