2006 Dodge Stratus miles

  • 131,000 MILES
I just found a dodge stratus on Craig's list for a great price; the seller said that everything is up to date, but the miles were 131000. I was wondering, is that's too many to buy that car?
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Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 AT 4:55 AM

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130,000 isnt too bad IF it preventive maintenance was taken care of properly. Around 130K there a couple things you should look at. First check the oil level and see if its burning oil off and inspect the color of the oil. Next the coolant should have been changed by this point (normally suggested to be replaced around every 100K or 4 years). If its isnt leaking oil and its low chances are the coolant hasn't been changed, Take a look at the antifreeze for color as well this will give you a slight indication as to whether it was changed. Next check the transmission fluid ( this is something most people overlook but is very important (trans fluid is checked with engine running) Next take a look at the serpentine belts to see if they are beginning to dry rot, a worn belt or one with more than 3 cracks per an inch is recommended to be replaced. I always tell my friends to stay away from cars with many more than 100K if they plan on keeping it for a long time just because it gives the original owner less time to mess something up. But that being said 130K inst bad if they kept up with it you may see up to 250K out of it. Take it for a test drive see how it feels. All of these items are also things you can talk down the price with. If I were you I would talk him down 300 $ then take it to a service center and have the trans fluid changed the coolant and the oil. All three of those items would run you just about 300$ and you would practically have a brand new car.
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Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 AT 5:51 AM

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