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Hello. I have a 2006 caravan with the 2.4 engine.I purchased the car new. I change the oil and filter every 3-5 thousand miles and use the recomended 5W-30 oil. Up untill about 44000 miles the engine would use about.5 quart of oil between changes. Gradually the consumption has increased to about one quart every 2,100 miles. The vehicle has about 53,000 miles now.
The engine does not leak, there is no smoke out the tail pipe at start up, nor when driving. There is no increase in fuel consumption. The PVC system functions as the service manual describes. There is no blow by out the crancase vetalation inlet hose. The spark plugs have carbon on them but are not oily. The engine has never been overheated or abused. 80% of driving is 55-60 M.P.H high way. Chryslers response to other owners via ethusiasts web sites who have oil consumption issues with there engines is. One quart per 1,000 miles is OK. If Below 50,000 miles and 1 quart per 750 miles over 50,000 miles is Ok. I have never had a low milege vehicle consume this much oil. Do you have any insight to this problem? Your expertice would be greatly apreciated. Thank you.
Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 AT 5:06 AM

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You'll notice the dipstick doesn't say "add" and "full". They say "min" and "max. That was done to reduce the number of complaints about oil consumption. That usage is common on all car brands and is caused mostly from the use of low-tension piston rings to reduce friction. Lower viscosity oils sneak past the oil control rings easier too.

I wouldn't worry if the level goes a little under the "min" mark. Look too at how high the level is right after the oil is changed. It should be close to the "max" mark. 5,000 miles is pushing it too and there will be almost twice as much lost as at the 3,000 mile interval.
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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 AT 5:44 AM

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