BMW 325i 2006

  • 2006 BMW 325I
  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 69,500 MILES
I replaced break rotors, pads and sensors on all 4 wheels on my 06 325i but the red light that reads breake onmy dash is still on. How do you make it go away?
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Friday, December 31st, 2010 AT 10:22 PM

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00 00. - CBS reset

The CBS service jobs can be reset in the car with the on-board computer button on the direction indicator/main-beam switch. It is only possible to code the statutory intervals specific to individual countries with the diagnosis system. It is always recommended to reset the CBS jobs via the diagnosis system.
Resetting service-relevant jobs
CBS reset in the car

A reset is only possible in the vehicle if the maintenance scope availability is below 80 %.
On-board date must be correctly set.

Note: First carry out the service measure.
Resetting of a service job must always be carried out after the service measure has been completed.

Note: Perform reset according to instructions.
The resetting procedure is aborted by a timeout or a terminal change.

The service jobs can be reset in the car at the instrument cluster. Here, the availability of a service job is set to 100 % again (corresponding to a new part).
The availability is an internal computing value (not visible to the user).
Observe the following procedure when resetting with the trip odometer reset button:

* Switch on terminal 15 (if equipped with 'Keyless Start' insert remote in ignition slot but do not start engine).
* Press the trip odometer reset button for approx. 10 seconds until the 1st service job appears in the LC display.
* The upper display in the speedometer is illuminated by a service symbol (e.G: an oil can denotes an oil change).

The lower display in the speedometer indicates the time or distance remaining until the next service (e.G: 14000).

Set desired maintenance scope with the rocker switch on the direction indicator/main-beam switch.

* To reset, press the on-board computer button on the direction indicator/main-beam switch until the message "RESET" appears.
* Resetting is confirmed by pressing the on-board computer button for a slightly longer period.
* A clock is displayed during resetting.
* A check/tick is displayed after "RESET" on successful resetting.
* Repeat the procedure for each additional service which is to be reset.

Note: Resetting increases the service counter.
Each reset increases the service counter of the respective job by 1. The service counter is used in the SAM on a job-specific basis to control additional tasks.

Note: Sorting is chronological.
The service jobs are sorted in chronological order. The most critical job is displayed first.

Note: Vehicle inspection and exhaust emission test are country-specific.
The statutory intervals specific to individual countries are coded with the diagnosis system.

CBS reset with diagnosis system

* The CBS jobs can be reset via the diagnosis system on the following path:

=> Diagnosis
=> Function selection
=> Service functions
=> Maintenance
=> CBS reset

* The individual CBS items are displayed in the BMW diagnosis system with service counter and availability.
* The service counter is increased by 1 during the reset. All service counters are set to "1" on new vehicles.
* Availability is set to 100 % during the reset. It is basically a display quantity indicating the wear level of the job. The greater the availability, the more distant is the next service appointment. 0 % means that the service item must be carried out.


* To be able to check and/or correct the car's on-board date properly, the diagnosis system requires the correctly set tester system date!
* The jobs may only be reset after the service measure has been completed.
* The brake pads can only be reset with a new brake pad wear sensor.
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