2005 Toyota Corolla


m maginn

January, 5, 2013 AT 10:56 PM

Corolla verso. Hi the powersteering belt has totally snapped in two and our mechanic won't be available until Monday the car is still driveable until then but am wondering if it's safe to do so without causing any more harm to the car would really appreciate your advice thanx.


1 Answer



January, 6, 2013 AT 12:28 AM

Depends on what else that belt runs. You didn't list the engine size so I have no way of knowing what other systems are involved. If the water pump is run on the timing belt, the engine will not overheat. If the generator is run on the broken belt, you'll only get up to about a half hour of driving if you leave the heater fan and head lights off, then the battery will need to be recharged. It is common for power steering fluid to be pushed out of the reservoir when you turn the steering wheel a lot with the pump not running. That will make a mess but won't damage the pump or steering gear. Refill the reservoir and let the air bleed out after the belt is replaced.

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