2005 Saturn Vue



March, 27, 2011 AT 11:27 PM


My vehicle has no power going to the fuel pump, no power also at the spark plugs and no power at the ECM fuse (the lower one in the compartment) when the key is at the on position or when cranking. There is no code stored either. The vehicle was running good and one morning it just wouldn't start. At first since I couldn't ear the fuel pump I thought I had just one problem but then I found out I also had no spark. It is probably just one problem too. I am suspecting a bad crankshaft position sensor but one of my friends who's a mechanic at Honda's told me these never goes bad! I bougth a Haines's book but it doesn't cover the troubleshooting of sensors. Could a bad camshaft position sensor also have the same symptoms and not be recorded by the ECM?

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October, 17, 2012 AT 7:56 PM

If you can read codes there has to be power to the ecm fuse. Were going to have to do some testing while cranking is there power to both sides of the fuel pump fuse?

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