2005 Pontiac Sunfire



August, 16, 2012 AT 7:31 PM

First off, its the 2005 pontiac sunfire. The air is cold as long as your moving, when idling however the air stops running cold and the rpm will get really low and jump back to normal until you accelerate. Of course it doesnt do this with the air turned off. I was thinking the clutch on the ac compressor was going out and this would be the cause of the quick, weird belt noise once I do accelerate. Of course I got the, charge the a/c bit and maybe the low freon is causing the clutch to always be engaged. But Im not charging the damn thing if its ice cold when Im moving and not knowing if thats the real issue

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August, 16, 2012 AT 7:34 PM

Check the cooling fan.

Do you have acess to a set of gauges? We need the readingd




August, 19, 2012 AT 8:12 PM

Well I didn't check the fan until yesterday. Appears its not running, car runs hotter than usual but not HOT. Changed the fuse and relay. No go, still not cutting on. I'm going to changes the motor next. I don't have gauges or access to anyone that has any. I can't afford to take it to the shop so I may be going into this blindly

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