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February, 23, 2011 AT 7:20 PM

How to change rear brake pads


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March, 2, 2011 AT 7:09 PM

Removal and Installation
1. Remove master cylinder reservoir cap.
2. Remove tires from vehicle using power tool.
3. Drain brake fluid.
4. Remove connecting bolt and torque member bolts using power tool, and remove cylinder body.

Fig. 66: Removing Connecting Bolt And Torque Member Bolts

5. Remove caliper and disc rotor. If the disc rotor cannot be removed, remove as follows: Make sure parking brake lever is completely disengaged.
Hold down the disc rotor with the wheel nut and remove the adjuster hole plug.
Insert a flat-bladed screwdriver through the plug opening and rotate the star wheel on the adjuster assembly in the direction shown to loosen and retract the brake shoes.
Prior to removing disc rotor, make alignment mark using a marker between the hub and disc rotor.
Remove wheel nut and rotor.

Fig. 67: Removing Caliper And Disc Rotor

CAUTION: Refill with new brake fluid.

Never reuse drained brake fluid.

1. Install disc rotor.

Align marks made during removal on the hub and disc rotor.

2. Install cylinder body to the vehicle, and tighten torque member bolts to the specified torque.

Torque member bolts : 71.6 - 97.0 N.M (7.3 - 9.8 kg-m, 53 - 71 ft-lb)

CAUTION: Before installing cylinder body to the vehicle, wipe off oil and grease on washer seats on axle assembly and mounting surface of cylinder body.

3. Install brake hose to cylinder body and tighten connecting bolt to the specified torque.

Connecting bolt : 16.7 - 19.6 N.M (1.7 - 1.9 kg-m, 13 - 14 ft-lb)

CAUTION: Do not reuse the copper washer for connecting bolts.
Securely attach brake hose to protrusion on cylinder

4. Add new brake fluid and bleed air.
5. Install master cylinder reservoir cap.
6. Adjust the parking brake.
7. Attach the tires to the vehicle.

CAUTION: Burnish the brake contact surfaces when refinishing or replacing
brake rotors, after replacing pads, or if a soft pedal occurs at very
low mileage. Refer to "



March, 2, 2011 AT 7:09 PM

Sorry for missing out on the diagrams.

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