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May, 22, 2012 AT 10:14 AM

Hope somebody can help me with this one. The check engine light went on 3 days after I bought my car from a toyota dealer. I took it to the dealer and they told me it was the catalytic that was probably dirty. But since it was a used car they couldnt fix anything. I didnt feel any major problem with the car, it runs fine, so I didnt bother to get it checked. But few weeks ago a friend got a car just like mine but his seems to have alot more power. So I thought maybe something was wrong with mine, so I took it to autozone, they checked it and the P0421 code came out, they told me it was one of these three that was causing the problem. Bad catalytic converter, a bad rear oxygen sensor, or an exhaust leak.

Sometimes in the morning a whistling sound comes I think from under the car but when I step on the gas it goes off, if I let go of the gas it comes on again. After a while it goes off completely so maybe I my catalytic is plugged? Does anybody know how can I check which of those three could be causing the problem so I can go to a mechanic and tell him specifically what to fix, they charge me 50 dollars to put the OBD ii to see what's wrong and I already know what code is going to come out. I have a mitsubishi lancer OZ rally 2005


Code P0421


Po421 Code


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May, 22, 2012 AT 10:57 AM

The code means a bad converter is this an aftermarket converter? Check the cat for meltdown internally.



May, 24, 2012 AT 2:54 AM

Hello E.R. This may be ur lucky day! This seems to be an increasingly common problem in these lancers -P0421 failure of the warm-up converter. This vehicle has a RECALL CAMPAIGN and you will be entitled to have this repair done free of charge! Affected vehicles have incorrect parameters in the Powertrain Control Module
(PCM) software that may cause the warm-up catalytic converter to overheat and melt when the vehicle is repeatedly driven at wide-open throttle. AFFECTED VEHICLES- 2002-2005 Lancer models equipped with 2.0L engine (approximately 195,000 vehicles) You will be able to have the PCM reflashed free of charge and the warm-up converter replaced free of charge! Please contact your local Mitsubishi Motors dealer to have the repair performed!

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