OBD2 Code Clearing Problem

  • 6 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 62,000 MILES
My 2005 Mercury Mariner has a P106 code for map or maf sensor. It is the map sensor. It was replaced. I cleared code P106 and P106 pending code. Drove for 5 min and the engine light came back on.
Someone told me that I need to drive ""X" miles and the engine light will go out (the computer will have res-et itself after doing self diagnostics). Then they told me I can then clear P106 pending code and everything will be ok and I canget my emissions inspection.
Is this true?. Or should the code clearing have worked immediately. If there is no issue?
Replacing MAP sesnor is brainless. 2 screws. Connect a plug in wire and reattach the hose to nipple.
Desperately need gidance. Thanks !
Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, December 19th, 2011 AT 4:06 PM

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Fault codes never say to replace something. They only direct you to the circuit or system that needs further diagnosis. While it's true there will be a defective sensor probably half of the time, there is just as likely going to be a cut wire, corroded splice, or stretched or corroded connector pin. In your case replacing the sensor is a quick way to verify it isn't the problem. Now the circuit will need to be tested. That is real easy to do on Chrysler products but Ford does everything differently than everyone else. You'll need a scanner that can display live data to see what is happening and why that code is setting. Ford MAP sensors vary the frequency of the output signal rather than simply varying the output voltage. Most digital voltmeters don't measure frequency.

Code 106 isn't very specific so you're going to have to figure out what the Engine Computer doesn't like about the signal. A "range problem" suggests to me the sensor isn't responding as expected which would have me looking for a cracked vacuum hose going to it or some other vacuum leak.
Was this
Monday, December 19th, 2011 AT 4:19 PM

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