Severe vibration upon accelerating

  • 2005 KIA SEDONA
  • 100 MILES
Severe vibration upon accelerating. First tonight was out of alignment, second was tires. Now have no clue. Check engine light has come on then gone back off again a few times. Not sure what the problem is. Any help you can lend around be ever so appreciated
Friday, March 1st, 2013 AT 4:55 AM

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An alignment problem won't cause a vibration. When tire belts have been ruled out, and since it occurs when accelerating, a likely suspect is a worn inner cv joint housing. That will mostly be felt in the steering wheel, and it will go away when cruising or coasting. Often the problem shows up right after anything is done with the engine mounts that moves the engine a little to one side from where it was. That makes the rollers in the inner cv joints roll back and forth in a different spot so they go in and out of the worn areas. Those worn parts cause the rollers to bind and not roll smoothly under load. Since the joint can't change length freely with each rotation, the shaft pushes back and forth on the spindle, and that gets transferred to the steering linkage and steering wheel.
Was this
Friday, March 1st, 2013 AT 7:53 AM

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