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March, 14, 2012 AT 3:45 AM

On a 2005 Ford E350 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel, I am getting a code P0766 Shift Solenoid hello my name is Serge I just bought my 2005 Ford E350 Super Duty 6.0 Diesel Box Truck and was told that Transmission was rebuilt but was not given a receipt or know what was done to it and I started driving on a highway I started to have Shifting problems with in 40 miles of owning it, It was slipping in and out of gear with the RPM Gauge going up and down as it was going in and out of gear, there was no codes at that time, then I Drove for 650 miles and got a 3 codes all had to do with Transmission Range Sensor, I bought one and Installed it myself it was an internal Range Sensor, I had to pull off the Transmission Oil Pan to do it,

It was my first time, doing that but not first time of servicing my Cars, I am Not a mechanic but, I like to fix my own cars, So anyway after I removed the Oil Pan I did take pictures of inside, to my surprise it was very clean and shiny, I did notice right away the Transmission Range sensor and Solenoids 5 of them all Round, After Replacing the Transmission Range sensor the code cleared but the vehicle still slips in and put of gear, a new codes emerged P0336 Crankshaft Position sensor and PO766 for Shift Solenoid So I got one from a Parts store looks square and has electronic plug in with a mounting bracket that has 1 hole on each side on the part it self there is a number F8AZ-7G484AA on top and a number on bottom 2581, so I was hopping to get help finding where this part goes if I drop my oil pan where can I see it Please help me.

note while I am having shifting problems my speed gauge is going up and down, I know I am going 50 but the arrow goes ti 25 and then goes higher and lower, like it can't tell what speed I am going, I also replaced ABS sensor on deferential and fluid toped of I was missing 3 courts.

Note sometimes if I am not getting this problems it drives and shifts fine.

Note, I also noticed after pulling up to a stop sigh or a light and I have vehicle in Drive and foot son brake it feels like transmission is shifting and like it wants to go I even feel like it slightly makes my van go forward.

note Other then that The engine sounds good and and sometimes even drives good.

Question does e350 have a Transmission Module Like other cars if yes where can I find it and can It be reprogramed and if yes what is the best approach in any way.

Thanks so much for your help please

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March, 14, 2012 AT 3:48 AM

Shift solenoids are on the valve body in the transmission.



March, 14, 2012 AT 4:40 AM

There are 2 tipes or Solenoids at the parts store for my 2005 Ford E350 Super Duty 6.0 Diesel, I had a parts strode check my check engine light, and I have a code P0766, The part they say I need is Shift Control Solenoid and there is also TCC Solenoids wich look round and I know my transmission has 5 of those, but the part j got looks squre and 2 bolts hold it instead of one, where is that on Valve body assembly as well, my picture that I tock I can't see full internals after removing the oil pan I have Driver side only and the drain black tube blocks everythihg else, any clue?



March, 14, 2012 AT 5:16 AM

I am confused when I was j. The store I tock a screen shot of the monitor with 2 part numbers for Control Solenoids, the one I was told I need for code P0766 is a Shift Control Solenoid, but there was also one more chose it's calld Transmission Control Solenoid part number S9869 and here is the part Transmission-Control-Solenoid-

What I am wondering what is the part I need Shift Control Solenoid or Transmission Control Solenoid, does my transmission even have Shift control Solenoid under the oil Pan on Valve body? Please help, I am geting tomany problems out of this transmission with it not shifting properly like it should.



March, 15, 2012 AT 2:48 AM

Update Turns out u was sold the rong part for my 2005 Ford E350 super duty 6.0 diesel, transmission Shift solenoid, was not even for my van, how ever the sensor I got for crankshat fixed bouth coude problems, I installed it, the check engine light was still on then drowe it for about 30 miles and the check engine light went away, plus my speed gauge is not hoping up and down anymore, transmission shifts smooth and perfect, and I don't have the no start problem, anymore, what I meen by no start when key is turned in the egnission there is nothing that happens, no starter spin, and yes I thought it was the bad starter bought and installed a new one, did not fix the issue I Allso bought egnission switch modul that's located under the stearing columb looks squrre plastic white electronic part with 2 star bolts and a plug on the left side one going in non going out, wasent the problem, Allso I bought new key egnission switch wasent the problem, how ever the van started more often after sitting for a while more like cold start was best option, Allso random starts, like if you drive the store all good you come out of the store and try to start no start, then Waite 10 misn start and it starts. I hope this will help some one with starting ensues.



March, 15, 2012 AT 3:00 AM

Today I was driving for about 20 miles and my Van started overheating, the arrow went to hot, I Hurd a loud beep and check gauges light came on but I was observing it anyway, so I pulled over right away and let it cool down, and was wondering what can be causing it, I was driving 55, e coolant is new, I use Prestone all makes and models, while driving I had AC on Max Cool, turns out if it's on Max cool, this prevents coolant from going to the heater core, I did not know this, but when I found out I was like is this normal, and turn out that it is, so I drove back on normal AC setting this is not know about that esue yet but was surprised that the arrow was not even going to hot anymore, but I am wondering still can it be a bad thermostat, is it worth looking in to replacing it, plus I am wondering do I need ti change my Engine Oil since it overheated can it be causing it to overheat faster
Because I have Valvoline 15w 40 in it now and so far only 3k miles on the oil, I was told it was good for 7500 miles, I want to change it and put Motorcraft back in it with Motorcraft filter,
I also notice there is a broken wire which runs to the fan but my Fan is mounted to crankshaft, so I suppose it should spin while the van is running have not lookd to confirm that yet, but I think the wire is to make the fan run constant what yo all think

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