Shift 2nd gear when the gas pedal is pressed

  • 135,000 MILES
From a stopped position, what would cause the engine not to shift into 2nd gear when I press the gas peddle to accelerate, only when stopped? I own a 2004 VW GTI 1.8 T, automatic, with 135,000 miles. Over the last few months this problem has progressively gotten worse. When I press the gas peddle to accelerate, it has trouble going into gear. Only happens with 2nd gear and only from a stopped position.

The RPM's rev but nothing happens as if I'm in neutral. I stop again and repress the gas peddle to drive and then it goes. Plus, sometimes as I am slowing down the engine will suddenly induce a major shift down with my rpm's dropping to nothing and it feels like I get thrown forward a little as my car halts to 2 mph, I have to release the gas peddle and repress to stop it. Then tonight I noticed that when I turned off my air/ heat that was running, my engine suddenly worked fine. It was as if I never had the problem. I wasn't sure if it was all due to the same problem, so I added it in as well.

I am not at all "educated" when it comes to cars. I don't believe my transmission is bad. I get mixed reviews saying either I need a new transmission, its a fuel sensor issue, or something else. It has been very difficult lately trusting a few shops around where I live and money has been extremely tight lately. I was laid off from my job a year ago so I can’t afford to pay for 50 diagnostic tests to fix everything that has nothing to do with the main issue! A year ago, all the testing wouldn’t have been a worry.

I wanted to put my issue out there and see if anyone might know what’s going on so I can have an idea of what needs to be checked out or done. I check all fluid levels every week because of the high mileage and have all scheduled maintenance completed on a regular basis. The help is very appreciated, thank you!
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Friday, December 9th, 2011 AT 8:23 AM

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If you have a volt meter put your heater on high an dheadlights on. See what your voltage is. It should be around13 volts at least. If below that have your chargings system checked. It may not put out what it's supposed to underload. If this fixes it fine if not then take to a trans guy because you may have an electrical issue there. Remember if your engine doesn'trun correctly then it will/can give you trans issues.
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Saturday, December 10th, 2011 AT 6:16 PM

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