2004 Pontiac Grand Am factory stereo

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I own an 04 grand am gt and it has the factory monsoon stereo in it with sirius\xm radio. Cd player is broken so considering finding an older factory grand am monsoon stereo from an 01 to 04 with tape deck also so can use phone as alternate music source with the tape deck adapter. Are the older model grand am stereos equipped with xm satellito option also? Or will it not work? Like from 01 to 03? If not is they're a car stereo that would fit with a cd player, tape deck, and satellite radio that would fit snug in a grand am? Thank u very much :)
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Saturday, August 24th, 2013 AT 8:24 AM

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You'll need to visit the dealer with these questions. GM had a 100 percent failure rate with their CD laser assemblies all through the '90s. They stopped allowing us to buy radio service manuals after the '94 model year because they wanted to lock up all that repair business for themselves. You were tied to the dealer and their two grossly over-priced repair centers. Instead, many people bought high-quality aftermarket radios rather than pay between $400.00 and $450.00 to have a factory radio repaired. To combat that, the GM engineers cleverly built the Body Computer into the radios starting with some 2002 truck models. You had to keep the factory radio in there. They even devised a way to prevent you from buying a used radio from the salvage yard. If that worked, you still had to have the dealer program it to your car, and they sure don't do that for free.

I don't recall seeing a combo CD / cassette in any early 2000s GM product. There may have been something available, but I only know those were real common in mid 90s Chryslers and late 90s Fords. The dealer will know what is available. If no one in the parts department is able to find the replacement you're looking for, try a second dealer. Some of them just look at "standard issue" models and don't bother to research what else might be available from the manufacturer. You may need to go to a newer model, not an older one.
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Saturday, August 24th, 2013 AT 1:20 PM

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