2004 Jeep Cherokee



August, 20, 2012 AT 10:31 PM

My car will over heat with a/c on, i've tested the fan and will replace it along with the pwm fan relay. I cannot locate the pwm behind the rs passenger headlite, I have also been told its in the power dist. Box under the hood on the passenger side. Is it the hi speed and low speed relays, in the dist. Box. I am just confused. I went to the auto parts store asked about the pwm relay and there is one for it? They say. I have taken the front bumper cover off, cant finf pwm relay. Is it attached to the frame rail in that area?

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August, 20, 2012 AT 11:09 PM

The fans shold go on when the a/c starts i'm sending a diagram of wher ethe relays are. What is a pwm relay?



August, 20, 2012 AT 11:13 PM

The pulse width modulated (PWM) radiator cooling fan relay is located behind the front bumper fascia below the right headlamp.

Which engine do you have?



August, 21, 2012 AT 1:55 AM

I have a 2004 jgcl with a 4.0L, the pwm cooling fan relay is not located behind the headlight, I dropped the front bumper cover, pulled out the r side headlight and located the drilled holes where it has been said to be but it is not there. Could it be that on this model year that the high and low fan relays in the fuse box on the r side under the hood next to the battery performs the function of the pwm relay.



August, 21, 2012 AT 2:19 AM

My pal just had similar issues

I "BELIEVE" his is a 2000

The relay was (I think) Passenger side, under the headlight--and under a "Pain in the Butt to remove plastic cover"

With the battery removed, he said you could sorta "peek" at the relay

He told me the EZist thing for them (him and another feller) to do was they removed the headlight.

With a pencil type soldering iron they sorta "MELTED-CUT" a "Square" out of the Pain in the Butt Plastic Cover, under the where the headlight was, and directly above the relay.

He said it was really EZ then! They replaced the relay. Then they silicon-ed the plastic square back in that they melted out. He said fixin' the cover was really unnecessary, as it really served no purpose, other than as a cover, but they did it anyway.

. Or you can take it all apart to get to it!

(I like the EZ way)

I got you a diagram--see left side

Let us know how it goes

The Medic

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