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My left bumper was hit in an accident. Several days later when I turned my lights on, the dash showed the brights lights were on but no front headlights came on. I could not switch from bright to dim. My blinker lights work but not headlights. The body shop put a new fuse in and that worked for about a week. Now it has started doing the same thing. What could this be?

Friday, January 28th, 2011 AT 2:17 PM

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If the high beam indicator is showing, it should not be a fuse problem for the high beams. Recheck the fuses for the low beams and if any fuses are blown, you could have a shorting somewhere.

The accident could have pinched some wires causing the shorting.

Check the grounding circuit at front rigth and left side of engine compartment.

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Friday, January 28th, 2011 AT 2:28 PM

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