2004 Ford F-150



May, 20, 2012 AT 4:27 PM

2004 F150 FX4 5.4 3V.
At 73,000 miles, The engine had tapping noise.
Took to dealer.
They replaced:
Some Lifters
Some Tensioners
Timing chain
Cleaned Throttle body
MAF cleaned.
As far as I know engine was not pulled.

After the work, tapping was gone. But when leaving dealership
I felt an oscillating vibration in steering wheel at 1100 rpms in overdrive.
(Prior to work it was smooth as silk.)
While still in overdrive, the more load I put on engine the worse it gets.
( It seems to do it ONLY at approx. 1100 RPMs.)
The second I leave off the throttle it stops. Also, problem is basically gone
at any Rpm when overdrive is not engaged. It also has a little rough idle, which
seems to change at times.I took it back to dealer, put it on machine and "found nothing"
Also it does not throw a code. Normal reasoning would say it's the trans.
But it started immeditally after leaving dealer. And they did no trans work.
I took it to a different Ford dealer, and local mechanic, they both felt the vibration.
But nobody can figure it out.
Also, it has had 3 different sets of tires since then. And replaced COPS twice and
nothing changed. Maybe timing chain is off a tooth, bad injector, I have no


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May, 21, 2012 AT 12:31 AM

Your issue sounds like basic engine so it will not code.

You say some lifters? Bad news, I would have done them all. If you are there, why not? It could be some of the issue.

I would return to the dealer and tell them you are leaving it there till you return it to you in the proper condition. They should provide you a rental but they need to come up with a solution. If not, then they need to go the manufacturer and get the solution. Be persistent and be professional as if you are rude and ignorant they will turn you away as no one reacts well to that kind of attitude.




May, 21, 2012 AT 12:42 AM

I would start checking the drive shaft u joints. It happens when on the gas and stops when of it is a classic reive shaft problem.

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