I took my car in because it over heated

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I took my car in because it over heated. For 600 buck they changed thermostat+gasket, expansion tank, expansion cap, plus a coolant system flush was done. Was told all was fine I drove home the car felt like it wanted to cut off when I came to a stop.I did'nt think much of it. The next day I opened the hood just to look at what was changed I notice the coolant was over the max line at The tank where you add the coolant again didnt think much about it so I took it out for a spin got on the express way drove about 20 miles in the car stalled I pulled over and tried to start the car no luck popped open the hood notice the coolant was all gone from the tank.I opened the oil cap from my engine notice coolant in mixed with oil. Im pist because they told me all was ok. Need advise I feel like I was taken for 600 bucks what can I do to fight this.
Monday, February 25th, 2013 AT 1:10 AM

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I'd be upset too that your mechanic wasn't psychic and that they didn't try to sell you something you didn't need. It's amazing that no matter what your mechanic does or doesn't do, you blame him. He did some preliminary diagnosis, came up with a solution, and the car ran fine, ... So you expected him to keep looking! When we DO keep looking, you blame us for trying to sell you stuff you think you don't need. You can't have it both ways. Had he a reason to suspect a leaking cylinder head gasket, there are additional tests he could have performed to verify that, and it would have cost you more money. Obviously it wasn't leaking very badly yet, but where do you suppose your coolant went originally? The head gasket had already started to leak, but very slowly at first, which is typical. A leaking head gasket often results in engine overheating, AND, an overheated engine can result in a leaking head gasket or it can make a leak worse, as happened to your engine. BY your own admission there was no problem for 20 miles, just like when your mechanic had it. Why do you think he should have kept on looking when there was no problem? Your mechanic didn't cause the problem, and he likely had no reason to suspect it was leaking, so give him a break.
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Monday, February 25th, 2013 AT 1:30 AM

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