2004 Chevrolet Malibu



January, 5, 2013 AT 6:17 AM

My 2004 Malibu Maxx has recently started making my garage smell like gasoline after I have driven it a while and then come home and park it. No check engine lights, no other problems but the smell is strong. Running the Heat or A/C does NOT cause the smell to enter the car. I took it to a local repair shop and they said it needs a new fuel pump which they say is in the fuel tank and therefore the cost to replace is almost $900.00 because they say it is a labor intensive repair. I am a female and don't know about cars so I can't repair it myself but I also am wary of repair shops just telling me something is wrong or OVER-charging me because I am female. I would very much appreciate anyone's input as to 1) does my description of the problem sound like it would be the fuel pump needing to be replaced and 2) is the repair costs they quoted me of almost $900.00 sound reasonable and 3) is it dangerous for me to drive it this way or park it in my garage? (No one smokes at my house) I am in the DFW area of Texas if that helps with the cost question. Thank you very much in advance for helping me to figure out what to do.


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March, 2, 2013 AT 4:13 AM

Chances are that the smell is due to a fuel line leak, not a bad fuel pump. Have the mechanic check for a fuel line leak after the car has been driven for about 15-20 minutes. He'll need to be quick in doing the check because gasoline evaporates quickly once the engine is at operational temp. He should especially pay attention the lines as that come from under the vehicle and to the throttle body.

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