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My car died while in operation. When the key is turned, it sounds like it is starting but the engine wont fire. Installed new fuel filter. No change. Have power at front relays. Pulled cables running to the fuel pump connector located under rear seat cover, have full voltage there as well. However at the fuel connector, there is no ground and no power when measuring voltage at terminal A (black-ground) and terminal C (gray-fuel pump power feed) when the key is turned on. I having a new fuel pump available, but prior to installing it I wanted to make sure it was indeed the fuel pump and not just a fried wire somewhere. I'm concerned it could be related to the ECU which I'll admit I know very little about. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, October 25th, 2012 AT 10:10 PM

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Check the fuel pump/injector fuse. Not only check the fuse, check for voltage on the fuse circuit, goes hot with the key on.

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Thursday, October 25th, 2012 AT 11:30 PM

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