2003 Volkswagen Bora



October, 20, 2012 AT 11:20 PM

I have a VW Bora PD130 sport (160,000 miles), all was fine for a month, fixed the turbo inlet pipe, with new clips, then decided on a full service(oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, cam belt), everything was fine until under hard acceleration (on a slip road) in 3rd, limp mode would cut in n not accelerate past 80(eventually after downshifting a few times upto 100), turning the ignition on n off worked for a few weeks, but now doesnt). The light would go out once back around the streets but still 'limp' a little, the turbo only kicks in at 4000 revs in second n wont go past 3500 before limping, ive noticed if you keep the turbo spooling it keeps boosting but if you give a second, boost goes-ive had 17964 fault code, changing the boost pressure sensor(bosch) made no difference, the airflow sensor made no differance either-on the other hand intermittently-performance comes and goes, even beating a mates pd130 mkiv golf from 90-120, so I think its summat small. No1 knows wat its is and vw dont help, they just say 'new turbo'-which isnt the case, I didnt realise I had Parking sensors till 3 months into ownership-which is intermittent and also a feint engine note through the stereo every so often-theres no exhaust smoke(no more than there should be)mpgs are 56 at 70(Mway) and around 40 combined MPG.
I think thats it lol


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October, 20, 2012 AT 11:27 PM

It's overboosting. So no turbo problem.

Your turbo has variable vanes (if I am not mistaken, we don't have your engine in North America). Look for
something that is causing the vanes to stick in the "fast spool" setting.

When the engine overboosts, the ECM cuts fuel to control power, that's why when you shut the engine off
and start it again, the power is back.




October, 21, 2012 AT 6:08 AM

Which engine do you have? AJM, ATD, AUY.... or ARL, ASZ, AXR

The first 3 engines have intake designs like the North American ALH engines... these
are prone to having the intake manifold carbon-up from EGR gasses mixing with PCV

Sample images of plugged intake & EGR attached below.

When the intake becomes restricted, boost build quickly and the ECM cuts power to
protect the engine... the engine also has a harder time to breathe due to the restriction.

The movement of the vane rod still needs to be checked if the intake is free of carbon.

Rod movement in this video:


If the rod is stuck in the UP position, then boost will build slowly, as the vanes are spread
apart for slow spool.


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