I have a 2003 Bug, and to be honest I've had.


I have a 2003 Bug, and to be honest I've had nothing but trouble out of it. I had to replace the engine a few months ago, and just now on my way home my car started acting crazy. The sensor lights all started flashing and it began to beep like when my gas light comes on. The mileage started to flash on and off and when I stopped the car and started it again, it started and then cut off. My check engine light has always come on and off from time to time and this last time it's stayed on for a while. Do you think this could have to do with the engine, or does it sound like a battery problem? HELP ASAP PLEASE!

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Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 AT 9:55 PM

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Could be a charging system problem (causing the flashing on / off). But then again, it started / cranked again for you.

The only way to know is to start with pulling / scanning for Trouble Codes.

The stored codes may or may not have to deal with what is currently going on. If the symptoms repeat while a VW Shop is looking at the vehicle, they
will probably be able to find the cause. If the Symptoms do not exist while the car is being looked at, then this intermittent Electrical Gremlin can be
difficult to catch.

You can check the battery and fuse box connections (on top of the battery) yourself. Problems there can cause problems in the car.


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Monday, December 3rd, 2012 AT 12:53 AM

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