LINEAR CEL P0101, P0411

2003 SAAB 9-3



April, 14, 2012 AT 3:39 PM

Car lags at acceleration - but no noises. CEL P0101 - replaced air mass flow sensor. Found crack in intake tube, corrected, and then got P0411. Looking for possible solutions so I don't get "hosed" by mechanic when I try to explain problem. Car was in accident off road into dirt/grassy area - underneath front end damage. CEL has been on since repair. Code resets and goes away sometimes, but ultimately comes back.

1 Answer



April, 14, 2012 AT 7:36 PM

411 is a secondary air code issue. There is a pump that comes on in the mornings to pump air into the exhaust to further burn unburnt fuel.

You already replaced a mass air flow that was good. The hose was your issue. You need to find someone you can trust to help you. If you replace the pump, relay and valve and it does not work, then it is worth it to get a real diag from a trusted shop first.


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