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Need detail steps to assemble brake shoes for 2003 Mitsubshi outlander.

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Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 AT 6:00 PM

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NOTE: Numbers in parenthesis refer to number in illustration.

1. Remove drum brake. See Fig. 17.
2. Using a 10-mm wrench, withdraw the parking brake cable from the backing plate. See Fig. 18.
3. Remove shoe-to-shoe spring. See Fig. 17.
4. Remove adjuster lever.
5. Remove auto-adjuster assembly.
6. Remove retainer spring.
7. Remove shoe hold-down cup.
8. Remove shoe hold-down spring.
9. Remove shoe-to-lever spring.
10. Remove shoe and lining assembly (10).
11. Using a flat-tipped screwdriver or a similar tool, open up the retainer joint. See Fig. 19. Then remove the retainer.
12. Remove wave washer. See Fig. 17.
13. Remove parking lever.
14. Remove shoe and lining assembly (15).
15. Remove shoe hold-down pin.


1. Install shoe hold-down pin.
2. Install shoe and lining assembly (15).
3. Install parking lever.
4. Install the wave washer as illustrated. See Fig. 20.
5. Use pliers or a similar tool to close the retainer end onto the pin. See Fig. 21.
6. Install shoe and lever assembly. See Fig. 17.
7. Install shoe and lining assembly.
8. Install shoe-to-lever spring.
9. Install shoe-lever cup.
10. Install retainer spring.
11. Install auto-adjuster assembly.
12. Install adjuster lever.
13. Install shoe-to-shoe spring.
14. Reconnect parking brake cable.
15. Install brake drum.

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