2003 Kia Sedona Driverside axle

  • 2003 KIA SEDONA
  • 3.5L
  • 4 CYL
  • 120,000 MILES
Hi I have tried to remove my axle on my sedona an it wont come out. I have tried a pry bar a balljoint separator and no luck it is still stuck. I have never had this much problem removing a axle. Is there a snap ring or pin holding int in. How do I remove it?
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For exploded view of left front assembly, see Fig. 9.
Jack up the front of the chassis and support it with safety stands.
Drain the transaxle oil.
Remove the front wheel and tire assembly.
Remove the tie rod nut and disconnect the tie rod end from the knuckle.
Remove the control link nut and disconnect the control link from the stabilizer bar.
Raise the axle shaft lock nut tab and loosen the lock nut, but do not remove it. See Fig. 3.
Remove the ball joint clamp bolt and nut from the lower arm. See Fig. 4.
NOTE: Be careful not to damage the ball joint dust boot.

Pry down the lower control arm and disconnect the ball joint from the knuckle. See Fig. 5.
NOTE: Be careful not to damage the transaxle oil seal.

Pry the axle shaft from the transaxle. See Fig. 6.
NOTE: To help separate the axle shaft from the transaxle, pull the wheel hub outward. Do not use too much force at once, increase the force gradually. If the shaft is pulled out too quickly, the oil seal may be damaged.

Remove the axle shaft lock nut and discard.
NOTE: If axle shaft is frozen in front wheel hub, spray a penetrating solvent into splined area and reinstall the lock nut so that it is flush with the end of the shaft. Tap the nut with a brass hammer to remove the axle shaft from the wheel hub. See Fig. 7. Be careful not to damage the wheel hub grease seal.

Remove the axle shaft from the wheel hub. See Fig. 8.
Remove the axle shaft assembly from the vehicle. Discard the tripod housing circlip.
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