2003 Kia Sedona



February, 21, 2011 AT 3:04 AM

I have a ’03 Kia Sedona and tonight I noticed the dashboard parking brake, battery and seatbelt light stay illuminated while I was driving and when I went to stop at a stop light the light went off. As soon as I accelerated they all came back on. I must add that we had an electric starter installed 2 years ago that hasn’t worked for a year that clicks (like a turning signal) for about 30 second after the vehicle start. Could this be a cause? Also when I noticed these lights my low beam driver side blew. I need some help please. Thanks Ron.

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February, 21, 2011 AT 1:58 PM

Have the charging rate checked (alternator).
The starter should not be related to this but the problem might cause the starter to malfunction.

If the starter is clicking after engine has started, you can easily burn it. It could be a fault with the ignition switch causing the starter and indicator lights turning on.

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