My vehicle is not shifting out of third gear.

  • 2003 HYUNDAI XG350
  • 75,000 MILES
My vehicle is not shifting out of third gear when in drive. The vehicle has a tip-tronic transmission and thats not allowing manual shift either. I have had an OBD run on the vehicle and the only one code came up, I was told to replace the transmission control module, I have ordered and received the TCM and was told I would find it under the center console and I am unable to find it. I was told by the manufacturer that the vehicle was vin'd as a 2002 but that it should not make a difference in the location as the 2002 and 2003 were the same. I have checked the part number on at least six occasions praying it was just the wrong part but every source is telling me I have the correct part. The dealer tells me it's $180.00 to perform the job and I just can't afford it. Also, all four windows are no longer working, all buttons on all doors for the windows only are not working. Checked fuse boxes, there is no fuse for windows which leads me to believe it's a relay which I am unable to locate. Thank you for any help with either issue.
Thursday, November 29th, 2012 AT 10:11 PM

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That should be the PCM ( behind lower center of dash) item # 2 in diagram.

2nd diagram has the description of the fuses and relays for the power window.

What was the trouble codes for the transmission stuck in 3rd?
Was this
Friday, November 30th, 2012 AT 3:59 PM

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