2003 Hummer H2 Nozzle sprayer replacement

  • 2003 HUMMER H2
  • 0.6L
  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 43,000 MILES
How Dom you replace the spray nozzle?
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Thursday, April 16th, 2015 AT 9:53 AM

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Assuming that you mean the fuel injector nozzle:

4.8L, 5.3L & 6.0L Engines
Relieve the fuel system pressure.
Remove or disconnect the following:
* Negative battery cable
* Engine sight shield bolts and bracket
* Accelerator control and cruise control cables from the cable bracket and throttle body
* Upper engine wire harness retainer nut
* Evaporative Emission (EVAP) purge valve harness connector
Position the upper engine wire harness aside
Tag the injector connectors for identification, then pull the top part of the injector connector up. Do not pull the top part of the connector past the top of the white portion.
Push the tab on the lower side of the injector connector to release the connect from the injection. Perform these steps on each injector connector.

Use care in removing the fuel injectors in order to prevent damage to the electrical connector pins on the injector and to prevent damage to the nozzle. Service the fuel injector as a complete assembly only. The fuel injector is an electrical component. DO NOT immerse the fuel injector in any type of cleaner.

Remove or disconnect the following:
* Fuel feed and return pipes from the fuel rail
* Fuel pressure regulator vacuum line
* Crossover tube-to-right fuel rail retainer screw
* Fuel rail attaching bolts and fuel rail
* Injector retainer clip. Insert the fork of a fuel injector assembly removal tool behind the * injector connector between the fuel rail pod and the 3 protruding retaining clip ledges. Use a prying motion while inserting the tool in order to force the injector out of the fuel rail pod.
* Injector retainer clip
* Injector O-ring seals from both ends of the injector. Discard the O-ring seals.

Lubricate new "o"-ring seal. Install in reverse order.
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Thursday, April 16th, 2015 AT 10:26 AM

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