2003 Honda CRV


tom rabe

July, 17, 2011 AT 4:46 PM

Asked on July 17, 2011

2003 Honda CRV EX with 158,000 miles
4 cyl 2.4 ltr Automatic 4 Wheel Drive

2003 Honda CRV A/C issues
Honda crv 2003 a/c; we have replaced the entire a/c system with a "set" of aftermarket components. At an ambient temp of 95 degrees F, the low side pressure at 900 rpm is 35psig, the high side pressure is 200 psig. The low side pressure at 3000 rpm is 15 psig.

The center vent blows 78 degree air, the right and left vents blow 70 degree air. I have replaced the cabin air filter. I have been "below" to observe the operation of the air control motor. The arm runs through its full range underneath and under the hood the heater control valve also travels its full range ( I disconnected it to check the range of motion in the valve)

I have also run the diagnostic prescribed by KHlow2008(expert) in response to a 2003 crv climate control question. No diagnostic code is is given after the test.

We have had mice in the car repeatedly. I removed a nest behind the radio and found acorn shells atop the cabin air filter when I replaced them.

We purchased this car in northeastern Ohio when we lived there. The need for a/c was far less frequent than where we now live. We really can't say how "good" the a/c was when we bought the car 5 years ago. This is the second time in the last 13 months that we have replaced the entire system. Last time it didn't seem very cold with the replacement system, sort of barely ok. This time it's a debate whether to run with the windows down or a/c on.

I cannot find a schematic of the ducting to determine if the mouse could have caused the problem.

The aftermarket parts provider says the pressures are adequate, not ideal. They will send a replacement compressor, but they don't think that will solve the problem.

My local "automotive consultant", the school system's bus garage supervisor tells me a/c systems are component balanced so its not likely that a Honda compressor would make a difference unless the other Honda components are "upsized" also. The nearest Honda dealer is 85 miles away. The aftermartket supplier maintains in their advertising that their compenents are better than oem and solve the problem of Honda's orignal design flaw. Just saying..

KHlow2008 are you out there? Anyone? Thanks to all. The car seves our needs well minus the a/c headaches and expense.



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July, 17, 2011 AT 5:29 PM

If your compressor does not cycle off at about 20 psi, your evaporator may be icing up. Check low pressure switch.


tom rabe

July, 17, 2011 AT 6:18 PM

Am I understanding correctly that you are suggesting there may be a failure in an electrical component of the system rather than a mechanical component? Is the diagnostic test run thru the climate controls supposed to be able to identify such a problem?



July, 22, 2011 AT 10:11 PM

Most systems don't identify the low pressure switch on self test. May be picked up by Honda scan tool.

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