2002 Saturn SC1



November, 30, 2010 AT 3:23 AM

P0172- fuel system too rich
Is this just bad fuel or could this be something else?

P0326- Knock sensor 1 signal out of range
What does this mean. How would it present itself

P1624- PCM RAM
What is this? How would it present itself?

I have recently replace a pass lock sensor, and plugs and wires. The car has chugging issues especially when wet. The transmission shop said to replace the wires and plugs with new platinum ones that came with it originally. The car uses alot of oil and does not leak it. We have cleaned the throtle body too.
These codes came up at the transmission shop diagnostic.

please help


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November, 30, 2010 AT 5:03 AM

I think you have a couple issues. First, the rich fuel mixture usually causes a strong exhaust smell and could cause black smoke. It can be caused by a bad fuel pressure regulator, temp sensor.

THe Knock Sensor is responsible for adjusting ignition timing to a point right before you get valve ping. If you hear the valves making noise, it needs replaced.

The P1624 is an indicator that a "customer snapshot data is available." Basically, that tells me that the computer has information stored in it that will identify exactly when and where the problem is occuring. I'm not sure what the "RAM" is refering to. However, the PCM is the main computer that stores the trouble codes.

Finally, how much oil does it use? It does have a lot of miles on it. But, a rich fuel mixture can wash the cylender's oil and burn the oil. It can also cause fuel to get past the rings and thin the oil resulting in a larger consumption.

Let me know if this helps.




November, 30, 2010 AT 3:22 PM

Just wanted to lend my knowledge on this car. If you have a saturn SC1 it never came with platinum plug's and you shouldn't put them in they carbon foul in that model and will cause a dead hole because of it. Put in stock non platinum ngk plug's like it came with.A code P1624 is usually caused by you leaving the cruise control switch on all the time and cycling the ignition key that will cause that code to set. On your Po326 can be caused to set by excessive engine noise bad knock sensor or the wiring to the knock sensor. The code P0172 is most likely caused by a bad coolant temp sensor it's really common for them to go bad on that model. When they do go bad they always read a lot colder then actual temp and cause the engine to run rich. Also make sure you inspect the connector going to the sensor they get corroded from the sensor's leaking coolant into them. If the connector is corroded you will have to replace the connector too.

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