2002 Pontiac Grand Am Blown Engine

  • 109,000 MILES
Hellow there my wife recently blew her engine due to a slow oil leak that went undetected for about a month. When I finally heard the loud noise coming from the engine I discovered the leak but by that time the engine was beyond repairable. So I went online to weigh my options and I think im considering in purchasing a "grade A" engine for about half the cost of a remanufactured one. Well my question would be about the milage. The current engine has apprx 109,000+ miles, when I replace that engine with the "grade A" engine is their anyway to reset the miles to the current miles on the replacement engine or will it still read the same amount of miles on the old one? Your help would be greatly appreciated thank you foryour time.
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Monday, September 16th, 2013 AT 11:46 PM

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The mileage is stored in the Body Computer and / or the instrument cluster, which is also a computer module. Neither one will know it's a different engine. Most people just record the mileage on the used engine and the car's mileage when that engine is installed. Changing the mileage that is being displayed requires removing the instrument cluster and sending it to a repair shop that has the special equipment to "write" the new mileage into it. That's a lot of work for something that no one is going to care about. They may not even write in a lower mileage because that could be the same as odometer tampering. Besides, you want to know how many miles the entire car has traveled, not just the engine. Stuff the engine in and buzz of into the sunset.
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Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 AT 2:30 AM

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