I have a broken right front strut

  • 2002 MERCEDES BENZ S430
  • 145,000 MILES
I have a broken right front strut. I found the strut online. A local mechanic told me I had to purchase the entire strut and housing unit. This does not seem right to me. Another MB repair shop said they would put the strut on for 150. I just want to car repaired. Which is correct? MB dealer won't give me much information because I did not have the car repaired there for 2900.
Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 AT 5:25 PM

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When you buy a new strut they often come with the entire housing unit. However, you probably just purchased the inner cartridge. Since you broke your strut, the outer structure is what got damaged and that is why they need to purchase it to make a complete strut assembly. I would have reccomended that you have bought the core anyway even if the housing would fix it as the core often gets bent when the housing is damaged and it does not work correctly.
So, they are on the right track reccomending to get a new housing.
I hope this helps you out.
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Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 AT 6:25 PM

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