Why does my CRV seem to pput itself in park while iM driving?

  • 2002 HONDA CRX
  • 110,344 MILES
While driving my 02 awd CRV seems like the transmission locks up and instantly go back into drive. It stops so abruptly and so hard it feels like I will be thrown through the windshield. No check engine lights come on. I brought it to a local garage and he hooked it up to a snap on diagnostic computer and said there were no codes. He did however say that when he put it in drive solenoid's a, b and c were oh but d was not. He did not know what that meant. I have flushed the transmission fluid about 10kku ago for the first time and then again the other day after this happened. It even sounds like a popcorn maker while driving it now so I have parked it. My local Honda garage has never heard of such a problem because cvr transmissions are usually bullet proof. Any ideas on where to start? A friend said it sounds like a cv axle is bad.
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Friday, July 13th, 2012 AT 11:06 PM

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After looking at the wiring diagram I would check the transmission range sensor. This is what tells the computer and the transmission what gear it is in. If you have a digital multi meter I can walk you through a few tests.
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Saturday, July 14th, 2012 AT 3:39 AM

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