There, I'm currently doing a Mechanical.

Hi there, I'm currently doing a Mechanical Technology project at school. I need to know how to disassemble a 2001 VW Citi Golf 1300 motor, step by step. Could you please help me out?
Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 AT 4:37 PM

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That's WAY too much typing for the time I left in my life. Your best bet is get a copy of the manufacturer's service manual. It will list every step with drawings and torque specs. It will also show the special tools needed. You may also have some luck at your local VW dealer. When I worked for a very nice Chrysler dealership, the service advisers had the owner's blessing to photocopy a few pages out of the manual to give to customers and do-it-yourselfers. You might have to wait a day or two if they're busy with customers, phones, or paperwork, but those guys often stayed late, after work, to find the needed manual and do the copying. They also borrowed manuals back and forth between dealers of competing brands. You can find original manuals on eBay too for less than they cost new.

The second best choice is to use one of he online subscription services. There are links on this site to Mitchell On-Demand. I can't get into it myself because I'm using Mozilla Firefox. There's another one called All Data that most independent shops use. You may find one sympathetic to your needs. They might let you print what you need, and if one of the mechanics isn't real busy, he may help you find the information. The Automotive program in my community college used All Data on five stations. One of them was set up in the library for use by anyone in the community since it was paid for by the tax payers. That information is basically identical to what's in the manufacturer's manuals.
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Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 AT 5:47 PM

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