How do I replace the battery

  • 2001 MERCEDES BENZ 200E
  • 85,000 MILES

I know it's under the rear seats but how can I access it?

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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 AT 5:47 PM

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Explosion hazard from explosive gas.
Danger of poisoning and acid burns when battery acid is swallowed.
Danger of acid burns to skin and eyes from battery acid or when handling damaged lead-acid batteries.
Fire, sparks, naked flame and smoking prohibited.
Wear safety gloves, safety clothing and safety glasses which protect against acid. Only pour battery acid into suitable, appropriately marked containers.
1 Withdraw ignition/glow start key
2.1 Remove rear seat
2.2 Fold rear seat cushion forward and remove battery compartment cover
2.3 Fold trunk cover up
2.4 Remove cargo space cover
2.5 Remove battery cover in right side of trunk
3 Connect quiescent current circuit retention unit
See "Commercially Available Tools" given below.

4 Unscrew screw (1) and remove holder (2)
5 Unscrew nut (7) and remove strap (8)
6 Disconnect ground cable (3) at battery
CAUTION: On model 210 insulate cable terminal on ground lead for protection against unintentional contact between disconnected ground lead and ground connection point

7 Disconnect positive cable (4)
8 Detach vent pipe (5) at battery (G1)
9 Remove battery (G1)
10 Reinstall in opposite order
Commercially Available Tools

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