We are in the uk have a 1

  • 2001 FORD MONDEO
We are in the uk have a 1.8 zetec 2001 and need to know how to remove and replace the cylinder head
Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 AT 9:56 PM

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Wedont 'have mondeo in u.S but am sending for 2.0 focus sohc this should be similar. Get timiing right maybe take a pic of cam timing before removing it.

1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Release fuel pressure. See FUEL PRESSURE RELEASE & FUEL LINE CONNECTIONS. Remove air cleaner intake tube. Remove necessary vacuum hoses and
electrical connectors. Disconnect speed control, accelerator and throttle valve actuating cables. Remove 2 speed control cable brackets, and position aside.
2. Disconnect fuel supply and return lines. Remove power steering pressure hose brackets. Remove accessory drive belt. Remove upper generator bolt and rotate generator forward. Remove oil level indicator tube.
Disconnect EGR manifold tube from EGR valve and exhaust manifold. Remove exhaust manifold heat shield. Disconnect catalytic converter from exhaust manifold.
3. Raise and support vehicle. Drain coolant. Remove right side splash guard. Remove timing belt. See TIMING BELT. Unbolt A/C compressor, and position aside. Loosen lower accessory drive bracket (do not
remove). Lower vehicle. Remove upper accessory drive bracket. Remove A/C line bracket. Remove valve cover. Disconnect hose from thermostat housing. Remove cylinder head retaining bolts in sequence. See
Fig. 2. Remove cylinder head.

Fig. 2: Cylinder Head Bolt Loosening Sequence
Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO.


Ensure all mating surfaces are clean. Check cylinder block, cylinder head and manifold surfaces for warpage and cracks. See CYLINDER BLOCK and CYLINDER HEAD tables under ENGINE


1. To install, reverse removal procedure. Ensure crankshaft timing marks are aligned. See Fig. 4. Position NEW cylinder head gasket on cylinder block. Install cylinder head using NEW cylinder head bolts. Tighten
bolts in sequence to specification. See Fig. 3. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.

Fig. 3: Cylinder Head Bolt Tightening Sequence
Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO.

2. Install timing belt. See TIMING BELT. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Tighten remaining bolts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Fill or top off fluids. Start engine and
torque 30-44 ft lbs 41-60 Nm then an additonal 90 degrees then another additonal 90 degrees
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