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Getting codes of fuel lean bank one and fuel lean bank two have replaced numerous things lights/codes come back, I have replaced fuel regulator, mass air flow sensor, upstream and downstream o2 sensors, fuel filter, aftermarket fuel pump, spark plugs and spark plug wires codes can be cleared and come back on shortly after one person said only getting 37 for fuel pressure could it be the fuel pump even though it is new truck isnt running sluggish or slow but check engine light and codes still there

Thursday, December 1st, 2011 AT 2:04 PM

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Recheck the fuel pressure as this causes a lean condition. If it is on the low side then recheck the install and make sure ther eis a new fuel filter. Also get some choke cleaner and spray for vacuum leaks. Also try injector cleaner throught eh fule rail as you may haveone hanging up andleaning out. You might also have one of thenes going to the injector/popup vlaves cracked or broken which the cure for that is a newspider in the intake.

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Thursday, December 1st, 2011 AT 2:13 PM

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