2001 Chevrolet Express



July, 20, 2011 AT 6:53 PM

My check engine light is on. Also, when in drive but not moving (at a light) the truck shakes and sounds almost like a diesel engine. (Slight knock?). I am burning more gas than I think I should be (but it is a 3500 so not sure), but I am going through oil like crazy. But its not coming out of the exhaust. The oil just seems to disappear. Acceleration also is pretty bad, seems like the engine is working really hard to accelerate. Also, when just cruising, the truck almost lunges forward like I hit the gas hard and let off. (Hard to explain).

A friend of a friend described it as a 'cylinder fouling the spark plug'. The spark plug is being fouled.

Is there any easy fix to this? I just got back from shop and explained this to a guy and he said 2500 to fix it and take out the engine etc.

Im in college and dont have that type of money.

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Fouling Out Plugs


Fouling Plug


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July, 20, 2011 AT 10:49 PM

I need the exact code in the ecu, get a scan and post it here.



July, 21, 2011 AT 10:11 PM

Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

I went to AutoZone and had the codes ran.

Codes 0404 and 300.

404- EGR sensor
Prob cause-
1. Falied EGR position sensor.
2. Open or short circuit condition.
3. Failed EGR valve.
4. Failed EGR pressure sensor where applicable.
5. Failed EGR position sensor where applicable.

Code 300- Cylinder misfire detected-random cylinders
Prob cause-
1. Ignition system fault-spark plugs, ignition wires, coil.
2. Vacuum leak.
3. Injector fault.
4. High or low fuel pressure.


404-The ECM has detected a fault in the EGR position sensor
300-The powertrain control module monitors the crankshaft speed and has detected a misfire condition.

Thank you again.



July, 21, 2011 AT 10:16 PM

I would like to add this; Form inside the cab, the second spark plug back (on the left) gets fouled badly with oil. (Possibly gas and just gets dirty?).

Anyways, wondering if I cleaned out the EGR valve myself if this might stop the spark plug from fouling and thus solving all problems.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.

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