2001 Buick Regal



March, 11, 2013 AT 12:50 AM

I am working on a 2001 Regal. The car started running worse and worse. Sluggish, not wanting to accelerate or shift. Today it finally died. I found a hole burned through the intake manifold where the EGR apparently stayed open. I am guessing this is not a rare occurance and would like the most likely cause/reason for the EGR to stay open. The heat burned through the loom and electric tape on the wiring harness that lays on the intake and started to melt the fuel line that lays right next to it. This is obviously a bad situation, very dangerous. A lady with 2 small children drives this car. Please advise.

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March, 11, 2013 AT 12:57 AM

More than likely what kept the EGR to stay open is a failed EGR, this can be from carbon deposit, and poor maintance practice, this is not rare, for a EGR to stay open and create drivability problem.



March, 11, 2013 AT 2:25 PM

Yo'll need to fix the egr problem if it is hanging up. And replace the intake and fix the wiring make sure yo solder th e wiring to ghether and useshrink tube over the wire to protect it. The egr pasage may have been blocked due to way it's driven-short hops and lets carbon build you might try cleaning the carbon out and see how it goes.



March, 12, 2013 AT 1:39 AM

Yeah, I went and picked up a new intake today, going to pick up new EGR tomorrow. Fortunately, although it melted the wire loom and tape it didn't burn the wires. Need to replace the fuel line also as the heat warped it. That is a dangerous design routing those 2 items right over the spot on the intake that the EGR blows onto for this very reason I am dealing with. This could have been a fire very easily.

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