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Hi I have a vw polo playa '00 and my brake lights are not working but the bulbs are not burnt out, a friend told me it is the brake light switch but can't seem to find it any suggestions? My brake lights were working before and now they don't but the bulbs are stiLl new, is replacing the brake switch a dyi job and what is the correct type switch to buy because there are two tips one with 2 pins and another with 4 pins
Friday, June 7th, 2013 AT 9:05 AM

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We show that this vehicle has a 2-pin connector, but I am sure there are others that may have a 4-pin.

The easiest way to find out for sure what your vehicle is equipped with is to remove it and find out what is there. You can just look up on the brake pedal and see how many wires are coming out of your switch to order it prior to removing it.

I am attaching the entire process below on how to replace this.

If this is a two wire, one way to confirm this is to remove the connector and jump the two terminals and find out if the brake lights come on.

Please run through this and let us know what questions you find. Thanks
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