Head gasket replacement?

  • 200,000 MILES
Since August I have had many parts replaced in my 2000 VW, I allowed someone to borrow it and when I got it back it stopped on me the next day. Last August I replaced the clutch/transmission, alternator, AC condensor and compressor. Well, the AC has not worked well since then so I took it back for the AC problems several times. A few months later I overheated for some odd reason and I took it back into the shop and I was told I needed a new radiator and the device which held coolant and water. Those things were replaced as well as the timing and serpentine belt, two weeks later the car overheated again, I was told I needed to replace the radiator fans. I then took it to a new shop because I've spent so much with this shop and I asked them to notify of all issues so I can prevent further breakdowns. I put it in the new shop and he fixes the radiator fans, cooling hose flange and the heater and thermostat connectors. 15 mins after I left the shop the cars temperature light started flashing red, the car began clicking, it then stopped, all the lights went off and it began to smoke. When the tow truck driver picked it up he said radiator fluid was all over the inside of the hood but there was no leak under the car. The shop also topped off all fluids so that was not an issue from my understanding. This week the car went back to the shop and he's saying I need a new head gasket. What should I do? I need this car and I have invested a lot of money into it so far, should I get a new motor altogther or just the gasket? I'm at 200,000 miles now and when speaking to the dealer they state they would like me to bring it in because they don't believe it's the head gasket rather than an electrical issue. Help please!
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Thursday, May 24th, 2012 AT 1:14 AM

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You need a leak down test from someone to determine the failure. I do not believe the dealer at all. Thats a guess without seeing the car and they want to get you in and then they will hit you with the failure.

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Thursday, May 24th, 2012 AT 1:18 AM

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