Code P0171 and P1135

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Sienna 2000, code p0171, p1135. Should I order for Denso 234-9007 or 234-9009 part for replacing a/f ratio sensor.

I have Toyota Sienna 2000, V6-2995 3.0 L. Got scanned and diagonosed check enging light. The service center gave report "code p0171 bank 1 lean, p1130 sa/f ratio sensor ckt range performance b1, p1135 a/f ratio sensor heater ckt fault b151, inspected heater circuit, measured resistance and heater is open, spec 0.8-1.6 ohms, must replace sensor"

Now I want to order online for Denso air/fuel ratio sensor but I am confused that, is this the right upstream or left upstream sensor before catalytic which needs replacement? (For Right upstream, Denso has part 234-9009 whereas for left they have part 234-9007). Moreover, which (Denso 234-9007 or 234-9009) will it be replaced with one near firewall or near radiator?

Additional Info: Pacific motors told that the replacement part is 234-9009, but my search on web confused me and is suggesting otherwise. That is teh reason for asking the query.

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Saturday, May 12th, 2012 AT 10:44 PM

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There is some ambiguity with this. I don't have the information for where the A/F ratio pulls its bank signal. It could be one or both.
There is a web site that has a collection of the best retailers on it and I think you might try either using them and go to the site that fits, probably Adavance or Horsepwoer freaks. It is a good site and will be great for consumkers once it is fully running, so if you have time use that.
If not, I would go to www. Rockauto. Com. They have closeouts from good manufacturers that are so cheap you could get both for less than the price of one.
Rmemmber that you will need WD 40 oir PB Blaster to loosen it up and an oxygen sensor socket. Advance probably loans them out for a deposit.
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Saturday, May 12th, 2012 AT 10:56 PM

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