Code P0755 - is it possible for it to be low or dirty transmission fluid?

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Without any warning, i.E. Noise, slamming into gear, etc. I just suddenly lost my REVERSE. It's a 4 cylinder LE. Code P0755. Possible fixes were suggested:
A/T switch solenoid SS2 or "B" stuck open or closed; component problem (i.E in clutch, brakes or gears)or transmission valve body is clogged, dirty or stuck. Could you let me know what you think and how much it would cost for a repair. All other gears work normally. Would it be safe to drive it to a repair shop? (If I can get the car turned around, lol) I would rather not have to pay for towing.

Also, February 2012 had repairs done to Evap System for codes P0401, P0446. Repairs done replacing Evap control charcoal canister;Vacuum Switching Valve (EGR VSV), Fuel Vapor control Valve and a flex pipe. Approx. 3 weeks ago I heard popping noise and smelled gas (same thing prior to repair in February)and now, approximately only 3 months later) I get another reading: P0442 (no check engine light, yet). Two of the possible problems are: 1. Canister Purge valve is damaged, leaking or failed. 2. Charcoal filter is loaded with fuel or moisture.

I insisted they replace charcoal canister as recommended by Toyota. I am concerned I may have been charged for a new one and labor and it was not done; or hopefully I'm wrong and it may be a defect or another cause. But it seems to be more than a coincidence that I should have the same symptom as before and their repair should have resolved it. Should I take it somewhere else?
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Thursday, June 28th, 2012 AT 11:39 PM

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Ok, your trans code is a general code for trans issue. The fact you have no reverse is an indicator of an internal failure with either clutch or piston failure. You need a trans shop for that.

The other 442 code is an evap and in most cases, we always replace the cannister assembly as that is thew way toyota sells it because of the common failure with this unit.

Take it to another shop but it would be best not to tell them how to do there job. Let them tell you what is wrong and when they do, make them explain the reason to you. You will get a better response from them is you let them do there job.

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Thursday, June 28th, 2012 AT 11:52 PM

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