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I have been having a ton of problem with my car recently. A few months ago I went to subway and when I started my car and some clanking noises started coming from the back of my engine. It stopped when I got home (I was waiting for my car to cool down and I ended up for getting to look at my fluid levels and stuff) but a few hours later I had to go somewhere really quickly. When I started my car afterwards it started making the sounds again. I brought it home and then I looked aty fluid (made sure this time) I was a little short on oil and coolant. I was told that it was ok to drive it a little but it had to be fixed soon (the person thought something was hitting something else). My older brother looked at it (a couple days later) and said that I had a blown head gasket so I sipped driving it. I waited quite a long time for a head gasket sealer solution to arrive but after I had put it in and everything the car won't stay on for more than two seconds. So my question is why won't it stay on? I looked to see if anything was unhooked or anything but there wasn't anything. I released the spark plugs but the problem is persisting. There is pressure in the cylinders and fas is being sprayed. I took out the thermostat since it needed to be out for the solution to run through. Ent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

Friday, December 28th, 2012 AT 12:11 AM

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Sorry I meant 117000 miles not 170000.

Was this
Saturday, December 29th, 2012 AT 7:49 PM

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