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December, 10, 2012 AT 2:52 PM

Started my 2000 Lincoln LS v8, and a loud bang with brief smoke appeared from under the hood. There is now a sucking sound and inconsistent RPM's. Searching for what I believe is a vacuum leak, I have found what I believe is the issue. A black hard plastic cap/disk about 4 1/4 in diameter located on what I believe is part of the Intake manifold, between the firewall and engine is now no longer connected. The disk has a short center stem attached to it and looks as though it was held in place by a epoxy. If this is the issue, I'm unclear how to fix, if I can myself. And if it is some sort of cap designed to blow off because of too much pressure, is there an underlining issue that if I repair the cap it will just blow off again? Thank you for your time.


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February, 21, 2013 AT 10:52 PM

I have a 2001 Lincoln LS with the same symptoms. Did you ever get it fixed?



February, 24, 2013 AT 3:52 AM

Hey I have the same problem I started my car and after that I heard a big bang. I had someone take a look at it and he said that it was the intake manifold. Did you get fixed your car already and can you share what was wrong thank you.



February, 26, 2013 AT 2:04 AM

I was able to get the round cap/plug back in the intake manifold today. I had to remove the wiper arms and plastic molding along the bottom of the windshield. Then remove the bracket that runs from side to side (this is so there is enough clearance to get your hand behind the intake manifold).

Tip - apply epoxy to the cap and attach some string so if you drop it you can retrieve it easily and you can tie the string to the bracket in case it happens again and you won't have to worry about losing it.

Make sure to clean all surfaces to be sure that the epoxy can bond better. I used JB-Weld 2 part epoxy and applied liberally to the cap and positioned (stem side in). A trial run without epoxy is suggested to you can be sure the parts will align properly. Let sit for a couple of hours to let the epoxy cure and start the car. Once tested OK you can reassemble everything!

As for the cause, my best guess is there was a backfire which caused a pressure build-up and the weakest part gave out. No clue what caused the backfire but a couple of days before this happened the check engine light came on and the code thrown was "Cylinder 1 misfire". Maybe this is related but I am not sure. All I know is the car runs as good as new now and my fingers are crossed that it holds : -)

Hope this helps.




February, 28, 2013 AT 12:27 AM

Thank you gary for your help. I was hoping that my intake was still ok but we took it apart and found out that the intake manifold upper part had a crack cause of the big bang im still trying to figure out what cause the bang. Now im just waiting for the part to put it back together it sucks.

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