I had a poor idle, so I replaced the fuel.

  • 2000 ISUZU RODEO
  • 132,000 MILES

I had a poor idle, so I replaced the fuel filter, IAC Valve, cleaned the throttle body, and the MAF screen. This helped a little, but not by much. I wised up and checked the vacuum hoses. Some were cracked, so I replaced them. The idle was much better, but not perfect. I disconnected then reconnected the battery, then drove the vehicle about 20 miles. I noticed that the transmission was acting funny all of a sudden (it hadn't done that before today, when I replaced the hoses) and certain gear shifts were very heavy, they thudded. The worst was shifting from a low gear when accelerating and shifting back when I would brake. When I got home I looked underneath the vehicle and it looks like transmission fluid was leaking. Would changing the vacuum hoses have attributed to this? It's the only change I made today, and before today it hadn't done that at all.

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 AT 10:12 PM

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I had the same issue with my rodeo idle. Since you removed your hose alrady did you notice your throttle was ok right? If so, try opening your fuse box and disconnecting your emc relay. Then undo your battery which resets your computer. Take it to your near by auto zone and get a reading like I did. Mine came out saying my "throttle sensor is bad" if yours comes out the same, its very easy to change out. Don't forget to reset computer after removing any sensor parts. How ever your tranny issue might have been caused by engine being over worked with idle issue. Tranny must have been over heating. PS hope this helps you if you haven't gotten it fix

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Friday, March 15th, 2013 AT 8:10 AM

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