2000 Dodge Van



December, 27, 2012 AT 10:24 PM

Trying to put stereo in blew some fuses now van won't start replaced all the ones that were bad have power to everything but turn key battery dead help


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December, 28, 2012 AT 4:31 AM

Is the battery actually dead or do you mean there's no power to any systems like head lights and interior lights? If the battery is really dead, obviously you'll have to charge it slowly for an hour, then try to start the engine. Did you check fuses inside and under the hood?



December, 28, 2012 AT 8:05 AM

Like I said everything has power, yes headlights, interior lights, cig lighter, heater, & windshield wipers, etc. So auxiliary fires everything before startup to igintion. And also, like I said we changed all the fuses that were bad and tested to confirm they were live. Although those were located under the dash. Now you say under hood what would the fuse be listed as and do u possibly know the location of that fuse? And thank you so kindly. Bindian



December, 29, 2012 AT 10:32 AM

So your battery is NOT dead, ... I think. First of all you shouldn't have been blowing any fuses while working on the radio. If you didn't disconnect the battery and you cut the original radio plugs off, you might have momentarily grounded the 12 volt memory wire at the radio and blown that fuse. Without searching for a service manual to be sure, that circuit was usually tied in with the interior lights. It did not have its own dedicated fuse. The wire is always tied to something that does not turn off with the ignition switch. That can be the horn, brake lights, often the cigarette lighter, but usually the dome lights.

The switched power wire for the radio does have its own fuse but nothing else will be affected if you blow that one. The ignition switch would have to be on when you cut a bunch of wires, or, if you twisted and taped wires to your new radio, that splice might have poked through and shorted out. Electrical tape in a car is never acceptable. That still wouldn't prevent anything else from working.

There's also wires in the radio harness for the dash lights and tail lights, but those circuits would have to have been turned on and shorted by cutting a group of wires, and that's not likely to happen. Even those wouldn't prevent the engine from starting.

I don't know why so many fuses blew or what circuits they were for, but based on the information I know so far, I'd start by measuring the battery voltage to see if it ran down from leaving the ignition switch on while you were working on the radio. Measure the battery with a digital voltmeter and the head lights turned on. If you find less than 12.6 volts, charge the battery at a slow rate for at least an hour, then try to start the engine.

Also, clear up what this means: "So auxiliary fires everything before startup to igintion."

I'm going on the assumption the starter doesn't crank the engine. Is that right? Or do you mean it cranks but won't run?

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