What are the steps to replace a head gasket in a.

What are the steps to replace a head gasket in a 2000 chrysler
concorde 3.2 engine
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1. Release fuel pressure. See FUEL PRESSURE RELEASE. Disconnect negative battery cable from remote jumper terminal located at right strut tower. Drain cooling system. Cover drive belts and/or pulleys to
prevent contact with coolant. If coolant contacts belts and/or pulleys, flush both with clean water.
2. Open radiator drain located at lower right side of radiator. DO NOT use pliers to open radiator drain. Remove coolant recovery reservoir cap, and open air bleed valve located on water outlet connector at front
of engine. See Fig. 6.
3. Remove upper radiator crossmember. Disconnect fan assembly connector. Remove fan assembly. Remove drive belts. Using Crankshaft Pulley Holder (8191), hold crankshaft pulley and remove center bolt.
Using a 3 jaw puller, remove crankshaft pulley.
4. Remove timing belt covers. Remove camshaft sprockets. Remove intake manifold assembly. See INTAKE MANIFOLD. Remove cylinder head covers. See CYLINDER HEAD COVERS. Remove rear
timing belt covers and water pump. Remove water pump "O" rings. Remove cylinder head bolts, and remove cylinder head.


Before cleaning, check for leaks, damage and cracks. Using a gasket removing compound, soften old gasket material. Clean cylinder head and engine block. Clean oil passages. See Fig. 33. Check cylinder head for
warpage. Cylinder head must not be warped beyond .008" (0.2 mm). DO NOT grind more than .008" (.20 mm) combined total from surfaces of cylinder head and cylinder block deck.

NOTE: Cylinder head bolts are tightened using a torque to yield procedure. Bolts should be examined before reuse. If threads are necked down or stretched, bolts
must be replaced. Necking can be checked by holding a straightedge against threads. If all threads do not contact straightedge, replace bolt.


Tips Click a link to view tip

Tech1 Tip: left and right Gaskets

1. Before installing head bolts, clean and lubricate threads with engine oil. Install head gasket over locating dowels. Ensure gasket is installed on correct side. See Fig. 12. Install cylinder head over dowels.
2. Tighten cylinder head bolts in sequence to specification. See Fig. 13. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure.

Fig. 12: Identifying Head Gasket Positions
Courtesy of CHRYSLER CORP.
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