Okay so I've had this car since 2009 previous.

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Okay so I've had this car since 2009 previous owner was a elderly man kept up maintenance gave me every piece of paperwork from everything done to it over the years. I have replaced tired and brakes and the front rotors just a few little things nothing serious serious. A few weeks ago my car started overheating like fans smoking engine smoking over heating. The original problem was a leak/crack in the radiator leaking ALOT of water and coolant therefore blowing into the fans and onto the engine and leaking on some sort of metal box in what I'm assuming is very important in an electrical sense of my car obviously. So my mechanic put in a brand new radiator, while checking out my engine and what not without taking it apart spotted a cracked or melted fuel hose of some sort (kind of U shaped hose) so we made a trip to the parts store and replaced that. & Again still overheating blah blah blah conclusion we changed the thermostat. My car started no problem, running rich fuel out of the exhaust (white smoke cloud) & jerking from the car never happened before. Mechanic thought maybe it was the adjustment for the new hose. Cut it off thinking not a big deal. Let it run for about 20 minutes before leaving for work trying to release some air from the new radiator. Cut it off let it sit for like 10 minutes. (As my mechanic suggested) & went to crank it again and it didn't start. Thought oh no, tried it one more time and started hesitating, drove to work on the highway approx. 25 minutes to work parked it. Leaving work cranked no problem, 5 minutes down the road on the highway temp start to rise to a little above the red I cut my heat on full blast & temp goes back down heat gets cold temp goes back up, weird thing is if I turn left or right heat kicks back on temp goes down vs going straight for a little temp rises. Can someone please help me, I want to save my car. It is my way to and from without it I'm screwed BIG TIME!
Thursday, March 14th, 2013 AT 4:12 AM

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You have damaged a head gasket from the overheating. You need a new shop as they should have seen this.

Have a leak down test done to con firm. Do not drive this as you may damage the engine even more

Was this
Thursday, March 14th, 2013 AT 10:55 AM

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