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November, 3, 2011 AT 4:09 AM

I have a 1999 volvo s80. I heard grinding from sunroof while opening it; so I went ahead and looked into it by removing the ceiling lights and exposing the mechanism. I saw that it was a tad out of place or stripped along the spiral lining that goes around the sunroof. Next I unscrewed the motor mechanism that connects to the sunroof. When I was handling the unit (gently); the radio I was listening to started to go in and out. I had not unplugged the unit yet. I was baffled n confused because I had not touched wiring yet. To make matter worse, I unplugged the sunroof unit from the small black unit; so I could take it out to look at it. Then after I put it back in, the car lost all its dashboards lights and the radio. Even with the key in and to the on position, I got nothing at all? With key on I heard a clicking sound from under dash in relay compartment. I felt the relay that was clicking; it was the fog light relays. What possibly could have happened here? I checked all fuses in the side panel inside the car. They are all good. What could I check next? Is it possible I blew a fuse from the engine compartment that controls the inside fuses? I just dont know what to do. Sigh. I really hope nothing serious happened. The car is a nice car. It had no issues: (( magneto774


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November, 3, 2011 AT 5:22 AM

The sunroof issue you could have had is that either one of the sunshade clips broke off or the vanity curtains separated and cause the sunroff to jump out of place? As far as the other stuff, you could have had set that off by accident? Disconnect the battery cables and touch them together for at least 5 minutes. That should reset the whole network. As for the sunroof, it may be too late now. You will need the sunroof cable guides replaced ifc it jumped out of track. Inspect the motor gear for damage as well and replace if necessary. And replace the vanity curtains and sunshade clips.



November, 3, 2011 AT 5:33 AM

Set what off? I have no power to the car in 1, 2 or 3rd position. Wont turn over. With key on to 2nd position I just hear the fog relay clicking. Let me clarify; take the positive and negative terminal off the battery and hold the 2 together for 5 minutes? Does that basically discharge all current running? Doesnt removing negative cable alone do that?(No ground for current to travel to).



November, 5, 2011 AT 4:31 AM

To do a battery reset yes, you need to disconnect both battery cables and touch them. The networking on this vehicles is very complicated. By touching the cables together you could say it drains any reserve juice it may be storing so just simply disconnecting the ground cable will not reset anything. Once you touch the 2 cables together while disconnected it is like doing a computer reboot. If that does not work call Volvo to see if they are participating in the Volvo service for life program?

What you should get is at least a free scan of the network to see if maybe the network has crashed? If there is an issue with both the High and Low speed CANBus then the Central Electronic Module could have just failed? But you may need to pay some diagnostic time to get in that deep? But try the battery reset first and let me know what happens?

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